Its a secret!!, Its crazy!!

I wish I can reveal, But I can’t, because it’s a secret.

What’s in it? They all ask, I can’t tell you that, It’s a secret!.

I gave small sample jar of my cream to Jerry my maintenance men to give to his wife to put on her face. I wanted cheer her up a bit, she has suffered with Polio for a long time. Next day I asked him how was the result of the cream i gave, “Oh well she got lop-sided now she needs to put it on other side of her face (I always tell people to put it on their worse side of the face first to see the changes taking place.

Now Jerry himself wanted some, next day he comes to work, “look at my neck! all I put it only on my neck, look my turkey necks are gone!” the next day, Jerry comes in to work said  ” look at my eyes, crow’s feet i had around my eyes are disappearing! ” ( i didn’t know he had crow’s feet, but I believe him. He has no reason to lie about that.)

June 23 08, Jerry showed me his eye lids, he said cream lifted his’, took off his glasses t show me his eyes. He said his lids were much droopy before, but I did not know how he looked before because of his glasses, but I believe him telling me the truth.

Wow!! Every day this testimony is building up, so i decided to write it as journal.

I am so grateful, my logo is made, label will be printed, the jars are ordered, It’s all coming together slowly but surely, the world best Anti-Aging cream ” It’s a secret !” is coming !!!

Call 714-914-2660, Leia

$ 19.95 plus shipping $3.00 Total $22.95

 Email if anyone wants to sell or distribute,

Order 3 or more $10.00each,

10 or more $7.95 each 


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