I A S ( Its a secret ) Complex


Boy, do I feel good! I happened putting some of my  ” It’s a secret” Complex on my mom at the hospital with stroke, I gave her some 3 weeks ago to use it , but she said she used it only once 3 weeks ago, I guess she keeps forgetting. But I noticed some changes on her face, my sister Cathy noticed that texture of her face has changed strangely as she puts it. I told the nurse about the cream and what it does, A few minutes later she sent someone in mom’s room who is a nurse had Bells Palsy, The nurse’s half of the face drooped down noticeably, She wanted cream right then, said she doesn’t care it works or not she is willing to try anything at this point. Walla!!, next morning her face looked so much lifted almost half way up.

Oh, boy, I was so glad that I made some one so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God for that.

On June 20th,

The women called me and said her name is Teresa, one who gave me the direction to the my son Eugene’s first night’s camp site during the AIDS LIFE CYCLE in Santa Cruse. I remembered her who I gave the cream after she gave me the directions to the camp. I couldn’t hear anything what she said because I was so occupied looking at her paralyzed left side of her face, and keep thinking what I should do. I drove away a few yards but end up giving her the cream and told her to put it on only on her left side. That night when she call me told me she was that way from birth caused by breached birth. But now her face is even both sides.

Boy, do I feel so good, so rewarding feeling, that made me very happy person.

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