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Thanking you Eunie!, My precious Daughter

October 1, 2010


My heart is full with joy, my girl, my little baby, you are to me, but you are so tall in many ways for I look up to you, my precious.

You grown up in no time, the time went ever too fast, I wished it to linger little longer many times, so I can collect my thoughts together to teach you bit more that I thought I missed somehow, something must have stolen my time slot that I thought I had. after you went to college, I started write a few things I thought I like you to know , the things my mother never taught me. And before I even finished 3 or 4 things, you already graduated from college after you have been through 2 internships.

Now here you are, my baby, graduating, getting your Masters already, so concretely you are heading to the Law school, and you never asked me for anything more. Oh, Eunie, my dearest daughter, you earned your respect from me, how could I deserve better than you as my daughter.

Congratulations, and how could I thank you ! I am so ecstatic, so proud, and so very happy. You are my hero. Thanks for making me a happiest mom in the whole wide world.

My heart is beating so fast, it is full of joy, I want to paint the skies so blue, I want to sit on that white clouds, and watch the spirit of fairies combing through greenest tall trees,

May 27, 08  2 am