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Empty nest syndrom

May 16, 2008


Let go, and let God,

Let go, and let you be,

 It’s been long overdue.

I hear it from your voice,

From the other side of the earth.

 A note higher,

 In a sense, I hear, courage,

 I felt your confidence,

 I know the packs of the commitments to grow on your own.

 I felt it so clearly,

 So deeply thrusting in my heart.

I felt the struggles you went through all along,

 Not knowing what to do with yourself.

It’s time to let you find own light.

I became a shadow, I realized.

The unseen shadows was harder to get rid of,

 But now my son!

 You are free with your God-given wisdom.

 You now can fly into the blue skies,

With all the sun shines spread over you.

 Nothing can withhold you now,

 For my heart is open,

 To let you fly alone.

The sky is blue,

 Go ahead fly!

 Into the infinite rhyme,

 Roaming through the rays of the sun,

 Hold your head high.

 Fly my son!

 Have no fear,

But with love you have within you.

The world is out there,

It’s all waited ever so patiently,

 For you to grab every moments,

To come to renew your strength,

 It’s there to embrace you,

It’s there for you to experience,

I know you will make exquisite snap shots,

 For every moment to come….one after another…

Capture the beauties,

 Print the hurts,

Slide the disappointments.

Now right this sacred moment,

 I, as your mother, I feel free.

 Thank you my son, for your courage, endurance,

 And most of all for your potential.

 You have done it.

You pulled yourself through, so graciously, so patiently.

 Within that time and space went ever so slowly.

Fly! My son, wing it hard.

Now your wings healed finally. 

 Learn how to let your wings ride on the winds as it blows.

Jan/08 After  Eugene left for San Francisco, I realized that I truly felt it’s time to let him go, so God can guide his life, and I clearly can see myself stepping aside.

So one night, I decided to let him know how I felt and what’s in my mind and how I felt. This was my email to him that night. I got his reply back in his email said: “God, it is beautiful, thank you for that mom love you so much”.